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Dr. Charity Hatampa

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Dr. Charity Hatampa grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in a large, tight-knit family. As one of nine children, with six sisters and two brothers; she learned the importance of patience and care.  From an early age, she diligently worked in her family’s sign company where hard work and perseverance were a must.  Dr. Hatampa’s love and devotion to helping patients achieve complete dental health stems from her early life work ethic, character and experiences.

Coming from a large family, dental care could not be a top priority and many siblings saw the ramifications and judgment by professionals of little to no dental care.  This unwarranted judgment is the reason Dr. Hatampa is dedicated to creating a pleasant environment for her patients where they will never feel judged and always feel cared for no matter what their dental circumstances are at the time of their visit. Her sincere desire is to provide her patients with a personalized plan to achieve their goal of complete oral health and give them a reason to truly smile again.

Dr. Hatampa received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from West Virginia University School of Dentistry in Morgantown, West Virginia. Her experience at WVU gave her the passion for caring about her patients’ whole mouth health.

During Dr. Hatampa’s career, she has provided comprehensive dental care to patients with extensive restorative needs. Most of them required oral surgery, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth restorations due to decades of damage and inadequate care. Dr. Hatampa has been able to put her patients at ease and reassure them that she would have them smiling again when their work was complete.

Dr. Hatampa continues to make a name for herself in the local industry by creating an environment where patients feel heard, cared for, and never judged. Time and time again she has received feedback from her patients that even though they crossed paths due to a dental emergency, they will continue receiving general care from her. Patients say she makes them feel relaxed and at ease, no matter what their dental state is at the time of the appointment.

In Dr. Hatampa’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her son, William, and four-legged child, Izzy.  She is a devoted travel baseball mom and loves being outside and exercising.